Kale is Queen (at least when sautéed with olive oil and egg)

Kale is Queen (at least when sautéed with olive oil and egg)

Kale is a polarising vegetable, which has often been dismissed as a fad only for the clean-eaters. Years after kale’s media craze, I’m seeing her with new eyes.

I’ve nearly forgotten that kale was once a niche vegetable that erupted overnight into a trendy “superfood” plastered on everything from Instagram to t-shirts.

Kale still hasn’t got me for her “superfood” power. There are all different types of dark green leafy vegetables from spinach, watercress and sliverbeet to rocket that are nutritious, rich in micronutrients, phytochemicals, and fiber. Focus your energy on “balancing” meal habits and including vegetables – don't
sweat it if you can’t include a specific “superfood,” as great as kale can be.

For some, kale on its own might taste like a mix of bark or bamboo, but massage in some extra virgin olive oil and salt, and you won’t regret it—it’s a fun process, with a happy ending! Kale matches so well with the protein of scrambled eggs, fat of olive oil, and saltness from good old salt, to create a savory flavour with texture and tenderness that can elevate and balance a piece of toast.

So, it’s not all about the kale.

Despite being so trendy, kale (like any other food) is not great in isolation, but it’s about finding practical, simple recipes that are not only tasty and satisfying but nutritionally balanced for your goal.

Kale and scrambled egg recipe.

For one person

Under 10min 

  1. In a bowl, whisk your eggs (2-3) and 1 Tb of water/milk/cream. Set aside.

  2. If having toast, throw a piece of sourdough or something grainy in the toaster.
  1. In a medium fry pan, heat a small drizzle of extra virgin olive oil over medium-high heat.

    4. Grab about 1.5 stalks of kale, giving it a quick rinse underwater. Strip it from the stem and break it up into bits into a small bowl. Add a Tb of extra virgin olive oil and some good cracks of salt and start massaging and squeezing it all in, until soft and wet.

  2. Throw the kale into the frypan, cooking until golden brown, stirring occasionally for about 4 minutes.

  3. Add the egg to the kale, mix vigorously until the eggs have cooked. Doesn't take much longer than a 1min. You can take the pan off the element and mix so you overcook the eggs. Serve immediately with toast. 


  • Add some parsley/chives for a different green colour/taste or a little drizzle of olive oil on the eggs.
  • If buying, look for the nice big kale rather than in a plastic container.  
  • If you like, you can freeze the stalks in a bag to use to make a stock.
  • Using bread depends on your current goal and diet pattern. If no bread you can use any leftovers.

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