The subscription prescription | Deliveries to make your busy modern life easy AF

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The subscription prescription | Deliveries to make your busy modern life easy AF

Time poor? Plain lazy? Hate mingling with people at supermarkets and crowded shopping malls?




Because we are about to tell you how to up your shopping efficiency, no matter how anti-social or “busy” you are: Subscription services.


Traditionally consigned to magazines and newspapers, the subscription industry has recently opened up to, quite literally, deliver all the necessities (and a fair few luxuries) for busy modern lives.


From dental hygiene (and all round hygiene, actually) to homely decorations, stock for your pantry, undies draw and fridge - businesses are boxing up their products and shipping them directly to your door.


Consider the below to be Plate Up’s recommended subscription prescription to an easier existence.


No more frantic bathroom improvisation


We’ve all been there.


But now the legends at Innocent Packaging have come up with Smartass, TP which makes the earth - and us - happy.


Their range of toilet paper is “tree free for people who like a wisecrack” - so naturally we were immediate fans.


Instead of trees, they use 100 percent renewable, fast-growing sugarcane and bamboo fibres and donate 10 percent of their profits to planting native New Zealand trees.


Delivered to your door every six, eight, 12 or 16 weeks from just shy of $40, Smartass can suit any household’s (or workplace’s) needs.


Also, their favicon is the poo emoji, lol.


Keep your chompers pearly white


Q: What’s the easiest way to never forget your toothbrush?


A: Never having to remember it!


And with Toothcrush, they do all the remembering not only for you - but your whole household, too.


In just one transaction of about $25, your credit card secures your annual subscription to bi-monthly toothbrush delivery.


Made from bamboo, these cute little guys are easy on old mother earth while simultaneously skuxxing up your bathroom.


Certainly gave us something to smile about.


Stock up on socks (et al)


Sure, you could just go online every now and then and choose some new pairs of socks and undies, but you could also not.


And we suggest not.


Instead, just sign up once and get your undergarments restocked at regular intervals of your choosing.




In New Zealand, you can hit up Wearbox for men’s socks and Ladpak for guy’s socks, underwear and tees.


MyTreat has the ladies’ knickers covered - but we’ll also let you experience the joy of googling “womens underwear delivered” for yourself.


Feel fancy


Flower fans know the homely feeling fresh blooms bring to any room, so why not have someone else bring that feeling for you?


We’ve seen a few florists throughout the nation offering flower subscriptions, but the ones which caught our beady, subscribey little eyes were: Bloom Social and Ruby Rose in Auckland; Juliette Florist in Wellington; Myrrh & Co in the Mount, Mrs Bottomleys Flowers in Christchurch and Violets and Thyme in Dunedin.


And lads, don’t dismiss this as one just for the ladies - because a lot of women love flowers, and if you have flowers, maybe they will love you, too. It’s science.


Nourish yo’ self


So, you like to look after yourself and keep up with healthy food hacks, but find there are so many superfoods and health products and brands to stay abreast of, right?


Yeah that’s probably true, so don’t worry about it. Let I Am Co take care of procuring your next nourishing treat.


Their subscription boxes are a collection of premium health food and beauty samples, aimed at helping you make better decisions for your wellbeing.


You won’t find any additives, preservatives or nasties of that ilk, but you will find delicious, healthy treats and your next nourishment essential.


And of course, if you’re after some no-cook, no-clean-up, no-visit-to-the-supermarket eating, why not try our Plate Up ready made healthy meals? Subscription service coming soon.

Tasty, nourishing and delivered nationwide, these babies aim to shave a minimum of 45-minutes of admin out of your day - while also adding in some healthy and delicious wholefood cuisine.


Also delicious (though not as nutritious) is beer and wine, which too can be - you guessed it, subscribed for.


We thought Beer Jerk looks pretty cool. Each month you get a box of mixed craft beers from all over the world to titillate your taste buds and impress your hipster friends with.


But wait, there’s more


Like heaps and heaps more. Too many to list here, in fact. Luckily we found this very handy catalogue of all the subscription boxes in the world, and the ones which ship to our two wee islands at the bottom of said world.


So why not spend some of that time you will be saving not going to the supermarket/shop/florist/cooking/cleaning - browsing for more things to subscribe to? You’re welcome.



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