Want some snack inspiration?

Want some snack inspiration?

In between our Clean Paleo cereal for breakfast & Plate Up meals for lunch or dinner, sometimes we crave a little snack! It's easy to accidentally snack on unhealthy things if we are not prepared!

So here are some ideas from us!

Raw nuts - cashews, almonds, macadamia, brazil, walnuts, pecans

2 squares of dark chocolate 80-100%

A boiled egg

Half a smoothie

A piece of fruit

Handful of olives

Carrots or celery sticks with almond or cashew nut butter

Clean Paleo Bilton (Beef Jerky)

Coconut Yoghurt with 1/4 cup of Clean Paleo Muesli

Small can of tuna

Hot cacao drink, coffee or tea

Have a great week!

Art & Matilda

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