We have put many protocols in place in our high grade food production facility to protect both our staff and customers. One of the most obvious of these is the enforced use of increased PPE gear which now includes face masks in addition to the already standard PPE of laundered uniforms, onsite only work boots, gloves, hairnets and beard covers. All staff are required to change their full PPE gear and wash their hands every time they exit and re-enter the production space and all work benches and work spaces are sanitised frequently between runs.

The number of staff on site at any one time has decreased drastically and split shifts have allowed staff to maintain a 2 meter distance at all times while anywhere on the premises. Shift times and breaks are split to ensure each staff member is able to stay in their small work bubble.

At the beginning of every shift, each staff member undergoes a health check which registers their temperature and ensures they are not experiencing any symptoms. They are also required to fill out a movement register for both themselves and everyone in their bubble.

All administration and customer service support teams are in self isolation and working from home to reduce the number of people coming and going from the production facility.

We have a strict Food Control Plan in place which outlines the way in which inwards goods are tracked and managed, and how the food must be managed right the way from how it is cooked, packed, dispatched and delivered.


99% of our ingredients comes from hard working Kiwi farmers, and we have processes in place to ensure that any food coming into our production facility are both safe and top quality.

We have contactless stock delivery protocols in place which ensures that no member of staff is required to come into contact with any of the inwards goods delivery drivers. All packaging is sterilised upon coming into the food storage space so there is no risk of the virus being brought into the production area.


We work with DHB's to supply our healthy and convenient products for the use of rehabilitation post illness and accident rehabilitation. We supply aged care and independent living needs. We are also an accredited ACC vendor and assist our customers physical and mental needs including anxiety caused by having to visit supermarkets and those who are most vulnerable right now.


Orders and payment are all processed online. We use NZ Couriers to deliver our meal boxes via contactless delivery. This means that they have no physical contact with our team and they will deliver to your door without having any physical contact with you when they drop your meals off.